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Lessons from Modelling COVID-19 Scenarios in Kenya and Implications for Policy and Planning

The papers shared lessons from modelling the spread of COVID-19 waves in selected countries across the world since April 2020, but with a particular emphasis on the case of Kenya. Statistical modelling has been justified for policy and planning purposes within 10% error margins, given the data abundance arising from country reports.


Land use land cover classification for the iron ore mining site of Kishushe, Kenya: A feasibility study of traditional and machine learning algorithms

The research applied GIS and Remote Sensing techniques to evaluate the most effective classification methods for characterising land use and land cover changes in an active mining region in Kenya. The specific site was a large-scale mining site for iron ore in Taita Taveta County. Machine learning algorithms were found to be the most effective.


From exploratory talk to abstract reasoning

Abstract Research has shown improvements in science, mathematics, and language scores when classroom discussion is employed in school-level science and mathematics classes. Studies have also shown statistically and practically significant gains in children’s reasoning abilities as measured by the Raven’s Standard Progressive Matrices test when employing the practice of Bexploratory talk^. While these studies suggest that transfer of learning had taken place, a number of dialog-intensive designs have failed to find positive results, only reported delayed transfer, or have been criticized in terms of methodological rigor, small sample sizes, or because they have only shown small effect sizes. In this study, the claim is made that a particular set of studies which focused on exploratory talk and reasoning abilities, and which used designs that are better positioned to meet the standards mentioned above when presenting data in support of far transfer, provides robust evidence of far transfer within the framework of Barnett and Ceci’s taxonomy of transfer. Possible relationships between exploratory talk, argumentation, and key domains in the science of learning are considered in an attempt to explain the apparent far transfer effects when children engage in exploratory talk.

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Effects of a 6 Brick Duplo Block guided play intervention on pre-literate learners’ visual perception

Background: Literature reveals that guided play promotes the development of visuospatial abilities essential for learning to read, write and do mathematics. However, most of these findings have focused on older children who are already literate, and the tests and the instruments used were designed for children in Western contexts. Aim: As there is little data on the development of visuospatial abilities in pre-literate children in African contexts, this study set out to explore the effects of using a guided block play intervention on the development of these abilities in pre-literate children.

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