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    Mr. Frank Zakaria

    Facilitator for

    • Academic Written and Graphic Presentation

    Institution/Centre: East and South African-German Centre for Educational Research, Methodologies and Management (CERM-ESA)

    Role at my institution: Master's degree student

    My member page

    • I appreciate the Digiface learning platform because it includes a lot of learning and teaching resources, which motivated me to enroll in more courses, which I completed on time and helped me to become a highly-skilled online facilitator with online learning expertise, which I enjoy doing.

    Challenges and Success: 

    The biggest issue I had with E-learning was time management. I used to think of online learning as something simple that didn’t require much time, but in reality, it does require time and calmness. To deal with this, I always did all of my activities on weekends and, of course, completed all of my assignments on time. The advantage of e-learning is that no one forces you to work and you can do other things at the same time.