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    Members - Promoting Academic Capacities for Sustainable Agricultural Resources Use in West Africa (Pro-RUWA)

    Prof.Klaus Maier-Vorderhöfer Professor University of Dar es Salaam, School of Law Lecturer University of Bayreuth, Institute of African Studies and Faculty of Law
    Dr.Gunter Smith CEO Some company
    Martin Wiehle Scientific staff / project coordinator Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences (University of Kassel) Managing director Centre for International Rural Development (University of Kassel)
    Thanh Thi Nguyen Scientific staff University of Kassel
    Eva Schlecht Professor University of Kassel and University of Göttingen
    Djibrim ABDOULAYE
    Cossi Ulriche AFATONDJI PhD Candidate University of Abomey-Calavi
    Mr.Mahaman Sanoussi
    Prof. Dr.Luc Hippolyte Dossa Full Professor Université d'Abomey-Calavi
    Dramane Edmond SANON IT Ingineer Université nazi BONI