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    Members - Promoting Academic Capacities for Sustainable Agricultural Resources Use in West Africa (Pro-RUWA)

    Martin Wiehle Scientific staff / project coordinator Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences (University of Kassel) Managing director Centre for International Rural Development (University of Kassel)
    Dr.Gunter Smith CEO Some company
    IngKABORE Nomwindé Responsable of monotoring and assment of land management direction of fertilizers and mecanization equipments/Ministry of agriculturev, aniamls and fisheries resources
    PhDChérif ISSIFOU PhD student University of Abomey-Calavi
    Abdoulkader Ibrahim Mohamed Technicien de développement rural Gonabio
    Hortence DEKOUN Assistance d'un spécilialiste en suivi-évaluation sensible au genre IITA-Bénin
    Lory Zaroukian
    Dr.Lily Clements Postdoctoral Research Activation Fellow IDEMS International
    Dr.Christian Bateki Postdoc University of Kassel
    Dr.Soule Moussa Lecturer University Dan Dicko Dankoulodo of Maradi (UDDM),