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    Atelier sur Moodle Novembre 2023 : Appel à candidatures
    07.11.2023 CCAM, DIGI-FACE, General - DAAD, PRO-RUWA, WAC-SRT | Elisa Adams

    Cet atelier s'adresse au personnel académique et administrative des Centres d'Excellence Francophones et les passionnés de l’apprentissage en ligne qui souhaitent améliorer leur maîtrise de…


    Curricula review & development Workshop at the School of Science and Technology of Animal Production (ESTPA, FSA, Bénin)
    28.11.2022 DIGI-FACE, General - DAAD, PRO-RUWA | Sandrine Houessou

    On November 10, 11, and 12, 2022, a curriculum review and development workshop was held at the School of Science and Technology of Animal Production…


    Advanced GIS course development on the DIGI-FACE moodle platform – Launching activities 2022
    31.10.2022 DIGI-FACE, PRO-RUWA | Omobayo Ghislain Zoffoun

    By Omobayo Ghislain ZOFFOUN During 21 July, 29-31 August and 14 September 2022, with support of DIGI-FACE, Pro-RUWA staff in Benin join online training on…


    DIGI-FACE better known at the University of Abomey-Calavi
    28.10.2022 DIGI-FACE, PRO-RUWA | Omobayo Ghislain Zoffoun

    Pro-RUWA_2-1-1024x683.jpgDownload By Wilfried H. NASSI CAKPO Under the direction of the DIGI-Face coordination, a series of information sessions on the benefits of the DIGI-Face platform…