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    About DIGI-FACE

    Promoting digital capacities at African Higher Education Institutions

    The Digital Initiative for African Centres of Excellence (DIGI-FACE) is a DAAD funded project for digitalising the programme African Excellence. The project aspires to support the digital needs and enhance the digital capacities of all members and alumni of DAAD African Centres of Excellence and their networks via the development of e- and blended learning modules and digital tools.

    DIGI-FACE stands for:

    • Development and implementation of open, interdisciplinary, digital teaching and learning tools and modules for students, graduates and teaching staff at the African Centres of Excellence.
    • Capacity-building measures and training of trainers for the conception, implementation, use and further development of digital affordances.
    • Development of a digital teaching and learning platform that enables a variety of digital support mechanisms for students, researchers and alumni, enabling them to share innovative teaching and learning ideas and digitally supported documentation, as well as reflection and collaboration activities.

    Check out the Project overview for detailed information:

    DIGI-FACE aspires to support the digital needs of all DAAD African-German Centres of Excellence, including strengthening an African Excellence Network via the development of appropriate and user-friendly e- and blended learning modules and digital tools.

    The initiative will enable geographically separated participants to link together as a community of practitioners and enable them to become part of interactive digital learning processes and reflexive research supervision.

    The overall objective of DIGI-FACE is to support the objectives of the African Excellence programme, namely to provide and enable Centres of Excellence to use digital tools in order to strengthen their functioning over a wide range of digital activities. In doing so the aim of promoting digital networking between the Centres of Excellence with each other and their German partner universities, as well as with other relevant stakeholders, becomes achievable.

    Project objectives:

    • Strengthen cross-sectoral skills of lecturers, students, researchers and alumni of Centres of
      Excellence using digital tools
    • Connect geographically separated learners, teachers and supervisor via the digital platform
    • Improve teaching and learning conditions by offering e-, m- and blended learning
    • Initiate/improve technically adapted sustainable solutions for digitalisation at African Centres
      of Excellence
    • Promote networking among the African Centres of Excellence

    Project governance:

    The project is managed by a multicultural and international team of experts collaborating in different work packages and bodies.
    Check out the DIGI-FACE staff and structure overview to learn more about the inner workings of the project.

    Our Newsletters:

    Our Newsletters are published in English and French. Enjoy!


    1rst DIGI-FACE Review – September 2020 English

    2nd DIGI-FACE Review – March 2021 English

    3rd DIGI-FACE Review – November 2021 English

    4th DIGI-FACE Review – December 2022 – English

    5th DIGI-FACE Review – August 2023 – English


    1er DIGI-FACE Revue – Septembre 2020 French

    2ème DIGI-FACE Revue – March 2021 French

    3ème DIGI-FACE Revue – November 2021 Francais

    4ème DIGI-FACE Revue – December 2022 – French

    5ème DIGI-FACE Revue – Août 2023 – French

    DIGI-FACE at a glance

    Download English version

    Download French version


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    Discussion on digital tools and e-learning in higher education in Accra during the Networkmeeting - September 2023

    Training of Centre Admins in Accra - September 2023

    DIGI-FACE Moodle Training in Nairobi - October 2023

    DIGI-FACE Training for Centre Admins and Moodle Manager in Kehl - September 2022

    Group photo of the DIGI-FACE Kick-Off Meeting in March 2020

    Steering Committee of the DIGI-FACE Project

    Training on the use of the mobile Padcaster studio for producing learning videos

    Welcoming to the future of Learning and Research in the African Excellence Network

    DIGI-FACE Project Management Group Meeting at University of Oldenburg, July 2023

    DIGI-FACE Project Management Group Meeting at University of Oldenburg, July 2023


    Our Members and Alumni strive for Excellence

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    The heart of our platform is our network of members coming from the African Centres of Excellence. This is the ideal space to connect with other members and to learn more about their areas of expertise as well as their achievements.
    If you belong to an African Centre of Excellence get registered and become a part of our excellent community!

    Norah Mose
    Dr. Norah Mose Lecturer South Eastern Kenya University
    Grace Mwaura
    Ms. Grace Mwaura Ag. COD I&C Tutorial Fellow
    Rashid N Juma
    Rashid N Juma
    Josue Kobange
    Josue Kobange
    Naomi Adi
    Naomi Adi
    Nora Ateia
    Nora Ateia Staff University of Tübingen
    Naomi Dzamesi
    Naomi Dzamesi
    Tarno Mamane
    Tarno Mamane Enseignant chercheur Professeur Université Abdou Moumouni de Niamey
    Zoheb Khan
    Dr Zoheb Khan Social economy research manager Intellidex Research associate Centre for Social Development in Africa, University of Johannesburg