The programme African Excellence establishes Centres of Excellence at African Universities in order to improve the quality of the education they provide, and increase their research capacities, thus enabling future decision-makers in Africa to be trained in line with international standards.

Promoting Excellence in Higher Education & Research in Africa!


Our Centres in Africa

West African German Centre for Local Governance in Africa (CEGLA)

French speaking countries in Africa like Mali, Niger and Senegal are confronted to important social, economic, environmental and security problems. Situated at the doorway to Europe, both continents Africa and Europe, are affected by these issues which lead to precarious living conditions for the population, mistrust into government structures and massive migration.

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West African German Centre for Sustainable Rural Transformation (WAC-SRT)

The WAC-SRT develops interdisciplinary, transnational research and teaching programs that will contribute to sustainable rural development and political stability in West Africa by producing the required expertise, applicable technological solutions, locally adapted business models and administrative approaches.

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Kenyan German Centre for Mining, Environmelntal Engineering and Resource Management (CEMEREM)

The CEMEREM programmes train African students in the development and environmentally friendly extraction of raw materials.

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African-German Research Network for Transnational Criminal Justice (TRANSCRIM)

The African-German Research Network for Transnational Criminal Justice was established after the 10-year-funding period for the South African-German Centre for Transnational Criminal Justice, which was supported by the German Academic Exchange Service and offered an LL.M.- and PhD-Programme, has ended in 2018.

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South African German Centre for Development Research (SA-GER CDR)

The SA-GER CDR at the University of the Western Cape trains the next generation of executive elites in Master’s and PhD degree programmes related to Development Studies. Students of the centre are given the preparation needed to meet the specific economic, social and political challenges which will arise in the course of the region’s development processes.

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East and South African-German Centre for Educational Research, Methodologies and Management (CERM-ESA)

In view of the need for excellence in educational research, training and management in Sub-Saharan Africa related to the processes of empowerment and advancement of educationists and educational institutions.

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Namibian German Centre for Logistics (NGCL)

Efficient logistics are pivotal in gaining access to regional and international markets. Both the population and industry depend on goods and commodities being available in sufficient volume and in good time. Logistics, therefore, play a key role in the continuing economic development of southern Africa.

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Congolese German Centre for Microfinance (CCAM)

Microfinance plays a decisive role in the economic development of sub-Saharan Africa and in its battle against poverty and deprivation. However, African banks and ministries of finance often suffer from a lack of qualified experts. The Centre for Microfinance aims to bridge this gap and offers a needs-orientated programme for future microfinance specialists.

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Ghanaian-German Centre for Development Studies (GGCDS)

Ghana and other African countries have seen major economic and political achievements in recent years. But despite economic growth and political stability fundamental development problems continue to exist.

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Tanzanian-German Centre for Eastern African Legal Studies (TGCL)

The Tanzanian-German Centre for Eastern African Legal Studies (TGCL) offers structured and highly specialised LLM and PhD programmes to aspiring lawyers from all Partner States of the East African Community and beyond to qualify them for leading positions in the region.

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The Centres of Excellence offer many opportunities

The “African Excellence” programme was developed in 2008 to improve academic education qualitatively and quantitatively in a sustainable manner. On the one hand, the programme is designed to increase the quality of teaching and to widen the research environment of selected universities in sub-Saharan Africa, with the cooperative support of German universities. On the other hand, it was also designed to train students to develop ‘soft skills’ such as leadership, decision-making and managerial abilities, in addition to supporting their personal development. The main goal of this programme, therefore, is to educate Africa’s future decision- makers, leaders and experts – for the continent’s benefit. In order to meet these goals, the DAAD supports cooperation projects – with a budget from the German Federal Foreign Office – between German and African universities. Consequently, the partner universities in each project can flexibly use the different sponsorship instruments offered by the DAAD. For instance, they can put them toward training courses for teaching staff from African universities, courses for administrative personnel, scholarships for studying on site, and even to facilitate mobility opportunities for students, teaching staff and project managers. These funds can also be invested in summer schools and conference participation. more

  • Study in another African country
  • Master Programmes
  • PhD Programmes
  • Scholarships
  • Support with finding a place to stay during your study
  • Summer Schools in Germany
  • Language Support in basic Germany
  • International scientific conferences

Our Members and Alumni strive for Excellence

Chris Andrew Yebuah
Chris Andrew Yebuah Multimedia Specialist, head of unit University of Ghana
Aline Pereira
jema David Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science & Technology Professor
Malve von Moellendorff
Nella Sayatz Research Fellow and Project Coordinator African-German Research Network for Transnational Criminal Justice
Sonja Ebbing Project Coordinator DIGI-FACE University of Oldenburg
Paul Webb Project Leader CERM-ESA Project Leader South Africa Coordinator DIGI-FACE Coordinator Africa
Mr Eldridge van der Westhuizen Digiface IT Administrator Nelson Mandela University
Isabelle Zundel TGCL Manager TGCL
Britta Niklas Coordinator of the SA-GER CDR Ruhr University Bochum, IEE
Gerhard Werle Director African-German Research Network for Transnational Criminal Justice Professor of German and International Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure and Contemporary Legal History Humboldt-University of Berlin
Clemens Schweizer Project Coordinator Centre d'Excellence de Gouvernance Locale en Afrique (CEGLA) University of Applied Sciences Kehl
Thomas Hezel Director zazu.berlin
Leon Trampe Student Assistant African-German Research Network for Transnational Criminal Justice
Prof. Klaus Maier-Vorderhöfer
Merlin Kull Project Coordinator DIGI-FACE University of Applied Sciences Kehl
me with me
Prof. Dr. Dr. hc. Mathilda Masterioso Cleaner Prison Hospital Queen World
Ayanda Simayi PhD CERM-ESA Full Time student Nelson Mandela University
Thoko Kaime TGCL Project Leader TGCL
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