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    Sustainable Operations for Resource Management and Food Supply (SCO)

    The highly transdisciplinary Center will empower sustainable operations related to production, movement, and processing of food and other natural resources as well the people needed along the supply chain. It addresses practitioners, students and graduates of business schools just the same as those of other disciplines, like medicine, agriculture, engineering, and humanitarian.

    KLU’s Dean of Research, Prof. Maria Besiou, will serve as Principal Investigator. Kühne Foundation`s Logistics Education – Emerging & Developing Countries (LEED) - team under the leadership of Dr. Andre Kreie will support with the operational implementation of the Center in Africa.

    More information on this Centre will follow soon.

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    Elizabeth Joseph to be completed
    Dr Andre Kreie DIrector Logistics Education (LEED) Kühne Foundation / Kühne Logistics University
    Mercy Mburu to be completed
    DrTumsifu Thomas Coordinator CSO-University of Dar es Salaam
    Maria Besiou