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    Congolese German Centre for Microfinance (CCAM)

    Learning Excellence at the Université Protestante de Congo, Kinshasa

    Content and Goals

    Microfinance plays a decisive role in the economic development of sub-Saharan Africa and in its battle against poverty and deprivation. However, African banks and ministries of finance often suffer from a lack of qualified experts. The Centre for Microfinance aims to bridge this gap and offers a needs-orientated program for future microfinance specialists. The work focuses primarily on establishing a new practice-oriented Master’s program. The strong inclusion of experts from the finance sector gives the program its outstanding added value. Besides expanding the course content and structure as such, the objectives include the further internationalization of the Université Protestante au Congo as a key pillar in this collaboration. The program also focuses on enhancing and intensifying the research activities at the established Chair of Microfinance. These include:

    • Continuous training and teaching of research staff
    • Consolidation of research capacities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
    • Creation of a research network in the field of Microfinance

    Programmes and How to Apply

    The CCAM programme consists of a two-year course (first and second degrees). This programme has been designed in conformance with the demands of the Ministry of Secondary and University Education of the Democratic Republic of Congo, specifically the official programme of management courses (Business Management). To conform to international standards and to make the beneficiaries of the proposed training competitive in the global marketplace, it corresponds to 120 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System), i.e. 60 ECTS per academic year. The course programme is composed of joint core subjects, such as those provided by the official Congolese programme, and of specialisation courses. The programme revolves around four major modules: microfinance, finance and quantitative methods, economics and management.To be admitted to the programme, the candidate must fulfil the following conditions:

    • Hold a graduate diploma in economic sciences or management (equivalent to that issued by UPC), with grades of at least 60%.
    • Have perfect command of the French language (medium of instruction) and a good knowledge of the English language. Certain lectures may be given in English by lecturers from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management;
    • Have good knowledge of information technology: Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel;
    • Have successfully passed the admission test and be among the 35 best candidate
    • Only 35 candidates shall be admitted to the programme per year, following a competitive examination and rigorous selection in accordance with the Centre’s motto: excellence.

    For further information, please contact Michael Kongo.

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    Dedicated buildings of the Centre on the campus

    our new lecture rooms

    Director Prof. Patrick Bakengela

    perfect learning atmosphere

    Aldarich Luboya Kabasele, Alumni Spokesman

    new lecture hall

    DRC Kinshasa

    dedicated buildings of the Centre on the campus

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