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    Academic Written and Graphic Presentation

    6 weeks | English, French

    This module aims to provide you with the skills needed to present your academic work in a professional manner. You will learn how to produce professional Word documents, presentations and posters. The pedagogical approach used includes evidence-based practices of repetition, retrieval, reflection and generative and interleaved practice, all designed to make what you learn ‘stick’. By practising and mastering the skills required in this course, you will be able to present your academic writing and prepare visual presentations without having to think too much about how to present your work professionally.

    Creating documents with Canva

    3 weeks | English

    This interactive course introduces participants to the basic features of Canva by improving existing documents and creating new ones. Both basic design principles and technical know-how are covered. 

    Exploring the Online Learning Environment

    5 weeks | English, French

    This course aims to introduce DIGI-FACE participants to the online classroom, also known as a Learning Management System (LMS). Moodle is the LMS used to host the DIGI-FACE learning site. It’s a very popular open source platform used by many universities around the world. In this course you will learn how to use Moodle both as i) a student and ii) a teacher. It is important to understand both roles so that you can become a course designer or facilitator who develops the best possible learning experience for your students. 

    Managing your DIGI-FACE Moodle site

    Self-paced | English, French

    The overall aim of this course is to enable participants to become competent Centre IT Managers who can support their colleagues by effectively managing their Centre’s Moodle site. A secondary aim is to enable them to be competent enough to facilitate this mini-module for their colleagues. 

    Module Makeover

    3 weeks | English

    This mini module provides a guide to help lecturers give their existing online courses a ‘makeover’ in order to improve learner experience. This includes reviewing factors like Technology and Tools, Design and Layout, Content and Activities, Interaction and Assessment & Feedback.

    Using your Padcaster

    3 weeks | English, French

    This mini-module is aimed at media and academic staff who are interested in learning more about creating educational and instructional videos for their centre using Padcaster. It also covers the basic steps of editing footage using iMovie and other free software, and how to upload a finished film to Moodle. 

    PowerPoint to e-learning

    3 weeks | English

    This mini-module is for anyone who has delivered lectures using PowerPoint presentations. It focuses on how to use existing PowerPoint slides for online teaching and learning using the Moodle learning management system.

    Quantitative Research Methodology I

    8 weeks | English, translation to French in progress

    This course introduces participants to the fundamentals of the quantitative research process. It covers methodology, an introduction to Microsoft Excel, some guidance on self-organisation and first steps in descriptive statistics (measures of central tendency, measures of dispersion and correlations). It will enable participants to carry out their first quantitative research projects with determination and confidence.

    Quantitative Research Methodology II

    8 weeks | English

    This course aims at providing participants with the skills required to understand and use inferential statistics. In order to reach this goal, the module will help participants reflect on and understand the differences between qualitative and quantitative research methodologies as well as the differences between descriptive and inferential statistics. They will be shown how to distinguish between the nature of parametric and non-parametric data sets and helped to understand when and why one should apply inferential statistics. Finally, throughout the course they will be guided on how to test and analyse these data sets by means of commonly used statistical techniques using freely available statistical software.

    Achieving Research Coherence

    8-10 weeks | English

    This course helps students to identify the expected aims of the components of a formal research proposal to demonstrate an intended coherent study towards a critical statement of their positionality as researchers.

    Technology Enhanced Teaching and Learning

    4 weeks | English

    This course introduces a selection of key pedagogical principles suitable for use in blended and online learning. Academics will be guided in how these principles can be used to design online learning content that adheres to the identified pedagogical principles. Selected tools and technologies that can be used to create learning content that adheres to the chosen design and pedagogical principles are introduced for the Moodle LMS.