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    Data democracy
    02.11.2020 Other Thomas Hezel

    Data democracy a solution for the handling of data in a modern world, without having to do without modern digital services.


    Alumni Video Contest – Tell us your story!
    29.01.2020 General - DAAD, Other Brendan Proctor

    Tell us in a short video what kind of experiences the DAAD made possible for you. What this is about? There are DAAD alumni all over the world. Since 1950, the DAAD has supported more than 2 million academics in their study and research stays abroad. This means, there are countless impressive experiences, encounters and […]


    Traduire pour les vidéos African-Excellence
    10.10.2019 Other Brendan Proctor

    Vous êtes à Berlin, vous parlez français dans votre langue maternelle? Pour la production de nouvelles vidéos, nous recherchons toujours des traducteurs français-allemand. Author: Thomas Hezel – [videoIframe title=”Video Niger”][/videoIframe]


    United States Foreign Policy, Global Magnisky Act &Social Media Monitoring in Uganda
    07.10.2019 Law, Other Brendan Proctor

    United States Foreign Policy , Global Magnisky Act and Social Media Monitoring in Uganda   By Samuel Matsiko On 27th August 2019,Ismail Ajjawi a  Palestinian student admitted to Harvard University was detained at Boston International Airport, denied entry into the United States and his visa was cancelled. According to a statement issued to the Harvard […]


    The cane keeps Africa going
    07.10.2019 Other Brendan Proctor

    Interviews from the International Alumni Conference in Cape Town November 2017. What does this have to do with beating? If you ask an artist, a painter, he will tell you immediately that sometimes you have to change perspective. Go far away from your painting, to see it as a distant structure or go very close […]


    Having the Centres Image Film on your University-Website, Alumni-Site, private Website …
    07.10.2019 General - DAAD, Other Brendan Proctor

    Please note that there is an updated version of the blog post that shows how to do it:   How to put the image film of your center on your website?