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    Members - African Climate and Environment Centre - Future African Savannas (AFAS)

    Dr.Juliet Wanjiku Kamau Project Manager University of Bonn
    Marie Thomalla Arellano
    Dr. Gerda Kuiper Scientific staff member Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Cologne Coordinator DAAD Climate and Environment Center AFAS GSSC, University of Cologne
    Désirée Kaiser
    Barbara Orozco Meraz Scientific staff member Center for Development Research / Zentrum für Entwicklungsforschung (ZEF), University of Bonn Project coordinator DAAD Climate and Environment Center AFAS ZEF, University of Bonn
    Grace Kamau
    Millicent Philips Business development officer FAO/Agile Consulting firm
    Ciannait Khan
    Lena Fried Research Assistant Global South Studies Center (GSSC), University of Cologne (Germany)
    Dr.Jennifer Hauck