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    Focus Month Regional Integration on the Blog of African Legal Studies
    26.04.2021 Law, TGCL carolin.herzog

    TGCL and the Chair of African Legal Studies at the University of Bayreuth dedicate a specific topic to each month of the year on their Blog (https://africanlegalstudies.Blog/). This features an increased research effort on the respective topic within the Chairs activities as well as a thematic focus from the articles published on the Blog. Thought-provoking […]


    Call for Applications for the Academic Year 2021/22
    07.12.2020 Law, TGCL carolin.herzog

    The Tanzanian-German Centre for Eastern African Legal Studies (TGCL) has published a Call for Applications for its LLM programme with a focus on EAC and Regional Integration Law. The application deadline is on 31th December 2020. TGCL Scholarship Advert 2021


    United States Foreign Policy, Global Magnisky Act &Social Media Monitoring in Uganda
    07.10.2019 Law, Other Brendan Proctor

    United States Foreign Policy , Global Magnisky Act and Social Media Monitoring in Uganda   By Samuel Matsiko On 27th August 2019,Ismail Ajjawi a  Palestinian student admitted to Harvard University was detained at Boston International Airport, denied entry into the United States and his visa was cancelled. According to a statement issued to the Harvard […]


    Academic Persecution: Independent International Crime or Subject to a Connection Requirement?
    17.07.2019 Law Brendan Proctor

    Academic Persecution: Independent International Crime or Subject to a Connection Requirement? Around the world today, Turkey, Hungary , China, Syria, Iran & Uganda, scholars  and academics are attacked because of their words,  ideas and their place in society. Those seeking power and control work to limit access to information and new ideas by targeting scholars, […]


    The Continuous Visit of President Omar al-Bashir of the Sudan to Uganda without Being Arrested Leaves the ICC in Dilemma
    27.11.2017 Law Brendan Proctor

    The president of the Sudan, Omar al-Bashir has consecutively visited Uganda in both May 2016 and November 2017 and returned to his country without being arrested. president Omar al-Bashir is wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes and crimes against humanity allegedly committed in the Darfur region. Uganda as a member state to […]