TGCL and the Chair of African Legal Studies at the University of Bayreuth dedicate a specific topic to each month of the year on their Blog (https://africanlegalstudies.Blog/). This features an increased research effort on the respective topic within the Chairs activities as well as a thematic focus from the articles published on the Blog. Thought-provoking and up-to-date articles not only by TGCL/African Legal Studies Students, Alumni and Staff, but also from leading experts on the various topics from around the globe can thus be found on the Blog.

The topic dedicated to the focus month of April is Regional Integration and was chosen to give mainly TGCL students and alumni a platform to publish part of their current research and contribute easily to ongoing debatesOur writers review and analyse political, legal, economic, and social institutions for collective governance and address present issues and processes.

On 2 April, TGCL Alumni Otieno Kennedy Abuya published an analysis on the Appraisal of Legal Challenges and Intra-Regional Trade Within the East African Community in which he precisely examined the underlying legal framework on Intra-Regional Trade and gave a recommendation for the future. On 10 April, the Team co-released two comments involving Regional Integration. First, Jan Maina, lawyer and DAAD Legal Scholar at the TGCL, addressed Kenya’s Repatriation of Refugees in a Wake of Regional Integration. Afterwards, René Brosius commented on the maritime border dispute between Somalia and Kenya. René Brosius is a doctoral candidate at the Chair of African Legal Studies at the University of Bayreuth and is specialised in the field of law and economics in Somalia. In his comment, he evaluated the tension between the two states and particularly carved out the background as well as the role of the International Court of Justice. On the blog itself you can find more interesting articles around Regional Integration and access them via the following link (https://africanlegalstudies.Blog/2021/04/). Please feel free to leave a reply under any article as we love to open an in-depth discourse about the research with our readers. Via the top link, you can also come upon our other articles from previous months as well as – coming 1 May – the announcement of the main topic of the next focus month.

If you would like to address a certain topic with great interest in your research and like to be featured as an author on our Blog, you can do this by clicking the button “Contribute” in the top right of the main page and submitting your paper to The African Legal Studies Team is always looking forward to engaging with new authors and featuring their articles on the Blog.


By Philipp Bogensperger

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