Three CCAM alumni have created a successful consulting firm. Christian Eanga, Dave Mobhe and Christopher Mukoka decided not to seek for a job but build their own wealth. They were confident with the knowledge gained during their time at the Congolese German Center of Microfinance.

CHREA Strategy was created in September 2016, only two months after their graduation and less than a year later, Christian Eanga, Dave Mobhe and Christopher Mukoka are moving to a bigger office. Dave Mobhe said that there are three courses or module they used every day to run their business. The module of Professor Patrick Bakengela Politic and Strategy of Enterprise is the foundation of CHREA Strategy.  « As consulting firm the module of strategy and politic of enterprise helps us to run our firm while solving the problem of clients, we have to thanks the Center for the trip we went to Bukavu and Goma, witnessing the way Prof Frederick Kalala was consulting two of the big microfinances intuitions in the eastern part of the Congo, inspired us to create CHREA », said Dave.

Today, CHREA Strategy employed one full time employee and one intern.

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