1) Introduction to Agent-Based modelling (ABM): 15 July – 15 August 2024

2) An introduction to Statistical Design (Statistical Design): 20 July – 20 August 2024

Both courses are e-learning format with 1 to 2 Zoom meetings. Both courses provide materials with pdf materials and short videos.

ABM: “The powerful simulation approach you have chosen to study is widely used by scientists, stakeholders, and policy makers, particularly when coupled with geospatial and agricultural management data. In this course, you will learn to grasp complex ABM concepts, craft ABMS with geospatial data, and code in NetLogo”.

An introduction to Statistical Design: “This course will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to understand statistical design and modelling. This course is divided into ten topics, and each topic is designed to take about six hours to complete”.

Number of participants: 20 applicants,

Finance: The course is free of charge.

Requirement: We priority students from our Pro-RUWA network and African Excellence centers. If there is space available, “First come, first served”.

 Application for ABM: Please fill this form: Introduction to Agent-Based modelling

– Application for Statistical Design: Please fill this form: An introduction to Statistical Design

Application deadline11 July 2024 (CEST).

Notification of acceptance: 12 July 2024

If you have any questions, please contact Pro-RUWA team: graduateschool.pro-ruwa@uni-kassel.de

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