The DIGI-FACE platform was created in 2020 to foster collaboration between the various Centres of African Excellence funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The platform was created to afford Centre members around the African continent a space where they could connect, share and gain knowledge in addition to receiving support.

To date, DIGI-FACE has 121 registered members. Each member is given the opportunity to create a professional profile on the site where they can share more about their professional experience and interests. Members are also encouraged to share news from their respective Centres as well as their own personal subject-related knowledge or findings in the form of blog posts.

The publications section allows members who have had work published (theses, journal articles, books etc.) to showcase it via the platform to the world. Centre members are also given the opportunity to upload their own online courses onto Learn (DIGI-FACE Moodle), or to enrol in one of the many useful courses developed and offered by DIGI-FACE.

Membership is free of charge. However, in order to enjoy the full benefit of all DIGI-FACE has to offer, a person has to be affiliated with one of the Centres of African Excellence. Provision has been made for Guest members who are allowed limited access to some of the site’s features. Check out the DIGI-FACE Handbook for detailed information.

Launch event

An official online launch event will take place on 1 October 2021. All interested parties including Centre members, students and alumni, members of the DAAD, DIGI-FACE staff members and stakeholders are welcome to attend. It will kick off at 11:00 CET / 09:00 UTC. Please register for the event by contacting

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  1. I have been empowered to improve my knowledge and skills through AWGP. Initially, I used to think it was hard to write professional work so I used to hire a professional to edit my work. It was costly for me but now, I can produce a professional document without paying an extra cost.
    Secondly, through the empowerment of AWGP skills, it has created a multiplier effect in the institutions as well as individual students who are not part of the centers of excellence.
    Thank you for this opportunity. Looking forward to more collaborations with fellow scholarship holders.

  2. Evans Mos says:

    DigiFace is a unique platform that enables the acquisition of critical digital competencies for producing quality academic work.

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