DIGI-FACE Platform launch on 1 October 2021

Via the DIGI-FACE project, a new platform for our African Excellence Network is developed. This Platform with its diverse functionalities, like the Learning-Management-System Moodle, the blog, the Project-Management-Tool, detailed member and profile overviews and a publication section will be launched on 1 October 2021.

DIGI-FACE is a portal to the exciting digital world of the network of DAAD-supported Centres of African Excellence. It connects these Centres of African Excellence and their alumni through teaching, learning, research, and communication opportunities by providing:

  • Information about the African Excellence Programme.
  • Information about the Centres and DAAD Alumni.
  • Access to blogs that allow members to share their news and other relevant information such as scholarship notifications and calls for proposals.
  • An access point to the DIGI-FACE Moodle Learning Management System, that we call ‘Learn’.
  • A space where members of the African Excellence Programme can find one another and exchange ideas.
  • A project management tool for supporting and operationalising collaborative research and other projects both within and across Centres, as well as for all students, academics and alumni.
  • A place to share publications and create an online library within and between the different. African-German Centres of Excellence.
Check out the DIGI-FACE Platform for exploring the new digital home of the Centres!

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