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    Paul Webb

    Facilitator for

    • Academic Written and Graphic Presentation

    Institution/Centre: DIGI-FACE

    Role at my institution:

    Professor Emeritus

    I developed and facilitated the very first DIGI-FACE course, Academic Written and Graphic Presentation as an exemplar for the courses that would follow. I started with this topic because I had grown tired of teaching the same things over and over again each time that I got a new postgraduate student. Now I enjoy watching our many multipliers facilitate this course on a regular basis.

    I also wrote and facilitated the course ‘Publishing Your Research’ in the aspirational hope that I could help researchers get their manuscripts in print in reputable journals – something that is very difficult to do.

    Developing and facilitating these courses has been a great learning curve for me and, hopefully, for all who participated. In addition, I had fun and got meaningful insights into the abilities and interests of postgraduate students across the African continent.

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