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Vom Rhein bis an den Tschadsee: ein Vergleich internationaler Wassermanagementstrategien in Europa und Afrika

This study provides a comparative analysis of the water management strategies employed by Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) and the International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine (ICPR), with a particular focus on ecological, economic, and social factors. It examines whether the ICPR and the LCBC adopt standardized management approaches despite their distinct geographical and socio-economic contexts. Through qualitative analysis of expert interviews with representatives from both commissions, the study identifies adaptation to climate change as a central priority for both organizations. The LCBC primarily addresses issues such as water scarcity, promotion of climate-resilient agriculture, and rehabilitation of sediment-laden areas within a politically unstable environment. In contrast, the ICPR focuses on maintaining water quality, managing flood risks, and ensuring ecological connectivity in a more stable political and economic setting. Despite these differing conditions, the study finds that analogous cooperation mechanisms are employed by both commissions. The results underscore the importance of adaptive strategies and sustainable measures to enhance climate resilience in both regions.

Uploaded by: Mary Harutyunyan
Author: Guth, Géraldine
Co-author: Jobst, Sandro
Co-author: Schmidt, Joschka
Co-author: Schulze, Christina
Co-author: Tränkner, Yannis
Institution: University of Applied Sciences Kehl | Centre: DIGI-FACE
Type: Working paper | German
Subjects: Climate and Environment, Development

Date: Sommersemester 2024 | Pages: [iii],13, [ii]
Copyright: The Authors | License: Open Access
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