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    Cossi Ulriche Afatondji

    Facilitator for

    • Méthodologie de Recherche Quantitative I

    Institution/Centre: Promoting Academic Capacities for Sustainable Agricultural Resources Use in West Africa (Pro-RUWA)

    Role at my institution:

    PhD candidate

    My experience began with the DIGI-FACE platform as a participant. E-learning was a totally new experience for me, and since then I've familiarized myself with it by taking part in some very useful academic and professional course modules. Taking part in these various courses has enabled me to acquire new knowledge and update my prerequisites. The seriousness and determination with which I followed the courses enabled me to be solicited for the first time as a facilitator for a course given to fellows of a center of excellence affiliated to DIGI-FACE. I was then invited to facilitate the same course for some DIGI-FACE community beneficiaries in French. My experience as a facilitator through these two courses was a real pleasure, which enabled me to develop the ability to easily share knowledge with others.

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