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Clemens Schweizer

Lecturer/Researcher, Center of Excellence for Local Governance in Africa (CEGLA) & DIGI-FACE University of Applied Sciences Kehl, Germany Clemens Schweizer (M.A.) is an independent scientific consultant and lecturer. His key fields of expertise are capacity development (especially education and training) in the public sector, governance and decentralization, sustainable international (development) cooperation and academic cooperation, social science research, international project management, HR development and coaching. He regularly serves as an expert in EU, GIZ, KfW, DAAD, CoE and Engagement Global funded projects. His clients include GIZ, GFA, GOPA, Ambero, Council of Europe, Kehl University of Applied Sciences, NIRAS and Euro-Insitute. He carries out various research & development projects and is regularly advising African and European Bachelor, Master and PhD students in their research projects. On several occasions he worked as advisor, lecturer and tutor in GIZ and EU financed study visits from partners from the Global South in Germany and France. Mr. Schweizer is Assistant Lecturer at Kehl University (since 2013) and at the Business School Ecole 3A in Paris, Lyon and Toulouse (since 2022). He worked during 4 years (2013-2016) as Professor for German Language and Culture at Euro District Language School (EDLS) in Kehl. Mr. Schweizer worked from 2013 to 2021 as project developer, international expert, backstopper and researcher in the field of International Cooperation and Development at the Kehl Institute of Applied Research (KIAF). There he gained extensive experience in the design and coordination of projects in the field of decentralization and administrative reform as well as human capacity development for public administrations in countries of the global south, in particular in Africa. Many of the projects were carried out in cooperation with international development institutions (GIZ, KfW, EU, DAAD, Engagement Global etc.). Most of the projects supervised by Mr. Schweizer were in cooperation with African countries. Clemens Schweizer is currently conducting a research project as part of his PhD thesis at the Université de Pau et Pays de l'Adour / France under the direction of Prof. Jean Gourdou and Prof. Ewald Eisenberg on Local Government Training and Capacity Development in West Africa, focusing on the example of Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso. Already during his university studies (Diplom in public management, Master in European Public Management), Schweizer specialized himself in the fields of development cooperation and professional training design, spending almost a year working in training institutes for local government civil servants in Mali and South Africa.

Freiburg, Germany

Current professional activity

  • Scientific Consultant and Lecturer – University of Applied Sciences Kehl

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