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Role of agricultural extension in learning for uptake and intensification of less-practiced dairy climate-smart practices in Kenya

The enhanced uptake of dairy climate-smart practices (DCSPs) is important to cushion farmers against the effects of climate change. However, uptake remains low. Besides, there is limited evidence on the learning phase preceding adoption under a pluralistic extension system, while intensity is treated as a one-off process. Therefore, this study aimed to assess factors influencing learning about least adopted DCSPs through different extension providers and, evaluate determinants of adoption and intensity of adoption of least adopted DCSPs. The triple hurdle model was used to model adoption conditional on learning and intensity of adoption, using a sample of 665 dairy farmers from selected counties in Kenya. Although learning facilitated adoption, intensity of uptake was very low. Ease of accessing extension services and milk market participation influenced learning positively. Keeping dairy records, increase in knowledge about climate change, higher number of extension visits were positively associated with both adoption and intensity of adoption of least adopted DCSPs. Additionally, perception that DCSPs enhanced resilience and increased level of milk market participation were important determinants of intensity of adoption. Therefore, to foster intensified promotion and intensified uptake of the least adopted DCSPs, it is imperative to strengthen pluralistic extension system, increase extension contacts with farmers, train farmers on climate change and record keeping, facilitate market participation and ensure DCSPs contribute to improved resilience. This would contribute to the realization of sustainable development goal 13 on climate action and the country’s climate change commitments and agriculture development strategy.

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Co-author: John Mburu
Co-author: Rose Nyiakl
Co-author: Amin Mugera
Co-author: Asaah Ndambi
Institution: University of Nairobi | Centre: Sustainable Operations for Resource Management and Food Supply (SCO)
Type: Journal article | English | Peer Reviewed
Subjects: Agriculture, Climate and Environment

Published: Cogent Food and Agriculture | Vol. 10, issue 1 | Tylor and Francis
Date: March 2024
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