System for Rural Area Transformation in West Africa: Case of Sekoukou Village, Niger.

To overcome the challenges of water borne-disease, a solar PV pumping system is installed in the village of Sekoukou within the framework of the West African Center for Sustainable Rural Transformation (WAC-SRT). The study area has been chosen as a demonstration site for the Integrated Master Program for Sustainable Rural Transformation (IMP-SRT) of WAC-SRT. The solar PV pumping system has been set up to ensure safe drinking water for the populations in the village. It uses ground water supply for domestic use and irrigation. Thus, this study seeks first to analyze the performance of the solar water pumping system of the village and then the sustainability of the water supply regarding the population growth to overcome the future water supply-demand within the lifetime of the system.
The document is validated and accepted in the International Journal of Energy and Power Engineering.
Congratulations to our student Boubé Bachirou, and good luck in his studies.
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