By Raymond Sawe

The CERM-ESA Centre of Excellence at Moi University (Kenya) is proud to announce the launch of its latest short course exclusively hosted and developed on the DIGI-FACE platform. This short course was co-developed with Double Masters student in Education, Mr. Noel Japheth. It covers the basics of quantitative research using SPSS as the primary software. The course is designed to introduce learners to the SPSS software, get acquainted with principles and theories that will enable them to practice quantitative research rationally and with intention. It was developed to increase the number of competent non lab based quantitative researchers in the country thus is made available to both institutional and non-institution-based learners. A knowledge in quantitative research is a plus but not necessary while taking this course. The Centre is excited to host online multicultural professionals on this course and the support we have received from the DIGIFACE project, and DAAD fraternity. 

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