We are happy to present our last DIGI-FACE Mini module for this year: PowerPoint to E-Learning.

07.-14.12.21 | 2 Zoom Sessions

This mini module is for everyone who has conducted lectures supported by PowerPoint Presentations – we will show you how to use your slides for online teaching and learning! Be prepared to leverage existing material for E-learning purposes and to get some insight into pedagogy for the digital realm along the way.

07.12.21 11 am Central African Time: Introduction to the module
14.12.21 11 am Central African Time: Wrap-up meeting

What you need to participate in the mini module

  • a total of four hours to work on the mini-module
  • time to participate in two Zoom sessions
  • some experience using PowerPoint and Moodle

What you will learn

  • how to make presentations work for digital learning
  • how to save your presentations in different formats
  • how to display your presentations in a learner-appropriate way in the Moodle LMS
  • how to tidy up the layout of your presentations – optional

Sounds interesting? Apply here until 30 November 2021.

If you want to forward this call within your institution feel free to use the PDF below for that purpose.

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