Dear esteemed Coordinators from the African Excellence Programme,

I would like to bring to your attention a possible course offer that has been designed within the framework of DIGI-FACE for our Centres of Excellence.

Our long-term consortium partner – the Frankfurt School for Finance & Management – has designed two different self-paced courses for staff and coordinators of all Centres of African Excellence.

It is about basic management knowledge for the long-term design of your Centre. While in course 1 you will learn the basics of business model development for your centre (in the field of digital teaching), course 2 focuses on the cost of your digital teaching offers, but also the operational costing of your African Centre of Excellence.

In the first round of this course, participants from almost all our Centres of Excellence have already taken part. Your Centre of Excellence was not represented in the first round. The target group of this course are exclusively employees of the participating Centres of Excellence. Students are excluded. It is a training course for the strategic management of your centre. Of course, several representatives of your centre may apply for this course.
It would be great if participants from your Centre of Excellence could also register by 02.08.2023 under the following link:

Courses will be held in English and French.

It is really important to us to promote the sustainability of your centre of expertise (especially after the DAAD exit funding) so that your university partnership can have a long-term impact. In our opinion, digital teaching offers can play an important role in this.

We are very pleased about your participation.

On Behalf of Prof. Dr. Ewald Eisenberg

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