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    DIGI-FACE Review

    Third Edition – November 2021

    DIGI-FACE Launch Crossword Competition Winner

    “Thank you, DIGI-FACE Team, for giving me a chance to participate in the crossword challenge. I am honoured to be part of this community and to be the winner of the challenge.” – Kibwana Zamani 

    Normally, I like to try things that come my way, including sports and puzzle challenges. So when I first saw the crossword, I was excited and wanted to try it. I really didn’t think about winning but just wanted to try it and be among those who participated and completed the challenge.

    I noticed that all of the questions, even those that I didn’t immediately have answers for, were all related to the DIGI-FACE platform. Thanks to the notifications DIGI-FACE sends whenever a new article is posted I regularly read articles on the platform, so it wasn’t hard for me to know where to go and look for the answers. Just like in all crosswords it opened up and became easier to complete after I got the longest word (PUBLICATIONS).

    Overall, I felt that the puzzle was user-friendly and was designed to give everybody a chance to participate. To me it was actually also very enjoyable doing the crossword because it led me back to explore the platform to find more answers. At some point I even wished the crossword was bigger so I could learn more about the platform!

    On the day of the launch I just hoped that I would be among those who got the answers correct, but what I didn’t expect at all was that I would be the winner! It was a big surprise to me. I hadn’t even thought about which course I would pick for the makeover I won!

    After winning I consulted with my colleagues from the Centre regarding which course to pick for the makeover. We agreed on Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Audit. We believe it would be most beneficial to focus on this course because we consider it to be more open to a variety of users, as it can be taken by students of engineering, natural resource management, industrial chemistry and analytical chemistry as well as many other fields, including the other Centres focus on. My colleagues and I are looking forward to having this course improved even more!

    Kibwana Zamani

    DIGI-FACE generates interests all over the world

    By Merlin Kull

    DAAD conference on “Digitalisation of Higher Education: Challenges and Potential Implementation”

    On the 17th and 18th of March 2021 DIGI-FACE representatives participated in this virtual conference organised by the DAAD Alumni association in Sudan. The aim of the event within the framework of DAAD alumni activities was manifold.  The event organisers’ focus was on strengthening the bond between the DAAD, its partners and the alumni in the host country of Sudan, as well as on building an active and constantly growing network and on working with the alumni as partners in international academic cooperation and exchange.  

    The current state of digitalisation in higher education in Sudan was also analysed, and all participants were equipped with basic knowledge on the implementation of digitalisation strategies in higher education. The DIGI-FACE project presentations gave participants valuable insight into the practical implementation of a digitalisation project in the African region. The audience was encouraged to learn from the challenges encountered, and the solutions discovered during DIGI-FACE’s implementation phase. The enlightening information offered was also applicable to the Sudanese higher education context.  

    As a project that has been implemented in many African countries, DIGI-FACE serves as an inspiration. It showcases the kind of platform that can developed when different key role players collaborate. It is a great example of how cooperation in the field of digitalisation presents a great opportunity in the field of higher education and research in Africa. 

    Online discussion: DIGI-FACE and DAAD programmes

    At the start of the second semester DIGI-FACE invited global DAAD programmes to attend a general presentation and discussion about the project. The online event took place on the 11th of July 2021. Discussions centred on the project itself, its objectives and activities, as well as the different tools available on the DIGI-FACE platform.  

    Participants included representatives from the newly established Global Centres for Climate and Environment, Health and Pandemic Prevention and the climapAfrica programme, which are all facing the global challenges related to joint activities and cooperation. However, all of these different stakeholders are interested in a useful, stable and reliable platform that they can use to create learning, teaching, communication, research and networking opportunities.  

    DIGI-FACE would be extremely pleased to develop a close working relationship with other programmes such as these. One of DIGI-FACE’s key objectives is to improve networking within the African Excellence programme itself, but also with other stakeholders and programmes.  The team therefore feel it would be particularly useful to provide a space where key role players with similar interests could work together and share global experiences in higher education and research.