CEMEREM          Centre of Excellence for Mining, Environmental Engineering and Resource Management

DAAD                  Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst

HTW                    Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft (University of Applied Sciences)

TU                        Technische Universität (Technical University)

TTU                      Taita Taveta University

Taita Taveta University (TTU), the hosting institution for CEMEREM, made a call for applicants for CEMEREM/DAAD scholarships for the year 2022. The call was responded to by candidates whose written applications and academic credentials were evaluated to obtain a list of suitable candidates for the scholarship award. The suitable candidates needed to have attained at least Upper Second Class Honours in their Bachelor’s degrees unless there was sufficient work experience to warrant otherwise.

For this year, 2022, the DAAD Regional Office for Africa (Nairobi) recommended an additional layer of assessment in the form of oral interviews for the shortlisted candidates before confirming scholarship awards. The first stage involved shortlisting the applicants based on their written applications and academic performance, a process that had been concluded and detailed reports shared weeks before the oral interview. The programmes considered for the scholarship award were MSc in Mining Engineering (five shortlisted), MSc in Environmental Engineering (seven shortlisted), and MBA in Natural Resource Management (eight shortlisted).

The oral interview was conducted for twenty (20) shortlisted scholarship candidates on 12th October 2022, 9:00 – 16:30 EAT. The oral interview panel comprised professors and Deans of Schools from the CEMEREM partner universities: TTU, HTW-Dresden, and TU Bergakademie Freiberg.

After taking the mean scores of the written applications and oral interviews, the candidates who scored at least 70% (13 candidates out of 20) were awarded full CEMEREM/DAAD scholarships, covering both tuition fees and a monthly stipend. We hereby congratulate the winners as follows:

MSc Mining Engineering
Dickens Okello
Kevin K. Sang
Ronald C. Langat
MSc Environmental Engineering
Constance Jumba
Otieno B. Mboya
Chepngetich Brenda
Michael O. Wajwang’a
Morris N. Kirimo
Samson M Mang’oka
MBA Natural Resource Management
Onduso Salome
Lole Victor Slivo
Kibengo Richard Wandana
Lopeyok Julius
Total                                     13

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  1. BENARD ADWAR says:

    Dies zeigt ein hohes Maß an Integrität und Kompetenz in Bezug auf akademische und kollaborative Engagements. Danke für diese Mühe.

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