16 – 21 November, forty teachers and students of TTU attended the CEMEREM summer school.
Since 2017, the summer schools were held in Germany but, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s summer school was held in Kenya. The theme for the summer school in 2020 was “sustainable mining and the food-energy-water nexus”.
Sustainable mining refers to the production of mineral products without exhaustion or by considering the next generation that will still benefit from the same mineral products. The Summer School began on the 16th of November 2020 with keynote speeches by the Deputy Vice-Chancellors and the Vice-Chancellor of the University. More presentations were made by various invited guests to identify specific issues surrounding mining operations and possible solutions. In the following days, participants visited CEMEREM laboratories of TTU, presented their research posters, heard lectures by various experts on mining and the environment and went on several excursions to artisanal mines, a mine rehabilitation site, a crater lake and a wildlife sanctuary. Especially the field excursions and lectures were important for practical learning and participants had the opportunity to visit places they had never been to before.

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