Application for an Integrated Master Program in Sustainable Transformation of Rural Area/ DAAD scholarships

The Integrated Master Program for Sustainable Rural Transformation (IMP-SRT) is a well-structured twenty-four-month program, consisting of three semesters of courses and one semester of fieldwork, thesis write-up, and defense. The program provides full scholarships to successful candidates from West African countries and for six positions (4 for Nigerien students and 2 for students from other West African countries). The capacity-building program develops in two tracks, one related to engineering and the other focusing on rural development policies.

Our aim is to prepare a new generation of skilled researchers able to propose appropriate and integrated solutions for rural development issues in West Africa. Our main objective is to train West African students to become experts in integrated sustainable rural development by highlighting technology interventions combined with strategy and policy focusing on socio-economic and institutional aspects.

Therefore, the IMP-SRT program engages in capacity building and research activities to:

  • Develop, promote, and manage new and existing locally-adapted sustainable technologies in the fields of renewable energy and agricultural water management;
  • Provide safe drinking water for rural populations and promote sanitation;
  • Develop, promote, and manage innovative models in agricultural production, agribusiness, and rural marketing;
  • Develop approaches for appropriate local development planning and promote the capacities of future development planners and managers;
  • Disseminate locally adapted sustainable technologies, business models, as well as development approaches that have been proven in an interdisciplinary manner, in a wider West African context.

The program currently admits 6 candidates annually, who receive stipends by the DAAD. Additionally, five fee-paying candidates can be admitted.

To fulfill its goal the Integrated Master Program in Sustainable Rural Transformation (IMP-SRT) will be divided into the following two (2) tracks:
(i). Engineering Track to promote technology intervention in rural areas;
(ii). Policy Track to deal with the socio-economic and institutional aspects.

Language requirements

The Integrated Master in Sustainable Rural Transformation is a structured Master’s Program with both English and French as languages of instruction. Therefore, the language requirements are:

  • Credit passes in English/French language at O/L West African School Certificate Examinations or at baccalaureate.
  • Pass proficiency test in English language/French e.g. a computer-based TOEFL score of 213 (or the equivalent) is required for entry into graduate research programs.

WAC-SRT offers English or French language courses to selected Francophone or Anglophone students to help them to enhance their language skills.

The Language Course aims at enhancing future professional communication, collaboration, and friendships between French and English-speaking students.


The master’s program welcomes applications from excellent students with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in one of the disciplines related to Rural Development (Agronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Economy, Management, Geography, Geology, Law, Sociology, Physics, Statistics, etc.). More specific requirements candidates need to fulfill and documents that must be presented in the application are:

  • a completed application form
  • a birth certificate or other equivalent document
  • holding a certificate of nationality;
  • a curriculum vitae;
  • a letter of motivation;
  • transcripts and copies of diploma;
  • a detailed program of the training received in previous academic degrees;
  • two references letters ;
  • a copy of the receipt of the “Application study fee” 10,000 F CFA (15€). Application fees can be sent by Western Union, Money Gram, Wari, or any transfer money company to the following addresses: Mr Hamidou Hama Harouna, Tel: +227 99 72 00 00 / +227 97 15 80 32/ + 227 91 70 73 30 E-Mail:
  • a letter of authorization from the employer (for people in employment).

How to apply

Candidates may apply directly to the master research program by sending all required information via Email to:, with a copy to ,, and

Hard copies for Niger candidates can be deposited at the Faculty of Sciences and Techniques (FAST) of Abdou Moumouni University.


For further inquiries contact the following numbers from Monday to Saturday:
Tel: +227 96 80 92 49 or +227 90 87 63 07 / +227 96 97 79 55
E-mail : /

Download the call here:

Download the application form here.

Deadline for Applications: The application deadline for 2023-2024 is August 15th, 2023.

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