The CAROTS 2.0 STARTUP SCHOOL will take place from May 2022 through October 2022. Scientists and engineers who work as researchers at a university or other research institution can apply for the programme until 21st March 2022. Twelve places will be available.

The CAROTS STARTUP SCHOOL, which was launched on 25 March 2021, is a pilot programme of the EU project CAROTS focused on practical knowledge transfer. The programme was initiated with the aim of expanding the market of scientific service companies and wants to help to encourage the creation of scientific service companies by transferring entrepreneurial knowledge to scientists. To this end, experienced CEOs of successful scientific service companies will share their knowledge with the participants in webinars and 1-to-1 coaching sessions.

Who can apply?
A scientist or engineer (registration can be done individually or as a team):
• working as researcher at a university or industry
• who has an idea for a new scientific service company
• whose idea is based on an advanced analytical technique
• who identified a need in industry for this technique and your expertise in it

For the application form and more information, please see the following link: Startup School 2022 – CAROTS

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