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    Ms. Janeth Danford Mlay (PhD Candidate)

    Facilitator for

    • Academic Written and Graphic Presentation

    Institution/Centre: East and South African-German Centre for Educational Research, Methodologies and Management (CERM-ESA)

    Role at my institution: Assistant Lecturer at School of Education in the Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences;
    Psychologist –Counselling and Guidance; Conduct Research
    School of Education Gender Focal Point

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    It was flexible experience of learning I acquired through balancing my work and studies by crated a proper time management skills. Studying my program online is also a great option for me to get official certificates without physically setting foot on a university campus on various programs such as: Attended and Qualified on the following Courses:

    • Academic Written and Graphics Presentation Course;
    • Academic Writing for Publishing Your Research
    • DIGIFACE Mini-Module Canvas;
    • DIGIFACE AWGP – Facilitator;
    • Recently, I am working on Module Makeover Feb 2022

    Then, Also, online education enables you to study or teach from anywhere in the world. Further, I often had the access to very diverse material such as videos, photos, and eBooks online, and facilitators could also integrated other formats like forums or discussions to improve my lessons. The monetary investment was less, but the results were better than other options concerning the courses I attended