1. GIS course in Ouagadougou

From January 20 to 24, 2024, Our UDDG partner hosted an impactful GIS for Beginners course, blending knowledge and collaboration in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Participants from diverse backgrounds, alongside colleagues from University of Dedougou, actively engaged in this hybrid learning experience.

The course focused on GIS and remote sensing fundamentals, applying these skills to diverse fields like agronomy, economics, and climate change. Beyond skill acquisition, the networking event proved pivotal in connecting young scientists and students, fostering a community poised to influence Africa’s future decision-making.

This course bridged theory and practice, equipping participants to address real-world challenges. The hands-on experience gained is invaluable as these emerging leaders embark on careers shaping Africa’s scientific landscape.

2. Visit Dedougou

In a recent exciting development, the Pro-RUWA project team embarked on a visit to Dedougou University, an institution bubbling with youthful energy and innovation. This visit marked a significant step towards deepening cooperation and expanding our network with the university’s enthusiastic young minds.

Our engagement with Dedougou University not only introduced us to new colleagues but also unveiled the immense potential for collaboration. The vibrant atmosphere at the university resonates with a passion for transformative projects, aligning seamlessly with the goals of the Pro-RUWA. Our partner in West Africa is empowering agronomy graduates to become successful entrepreneurs through targeted activities and partnerships. From workshops and seminars to hands-on projects, these initiatives equip students with the practical skills and networking opportunities needed to innovate in the agricultural sector. These programs are a pathway to economic growth, food security, and community development in the region.

Looking ahead, we are eagerly anticipating the unfolding chapters of collaboration with Dedougou University. The commitment and innovation displayed by our new colleagues align perfectly with the Pro-RUWA vision. Together, we are poised to make a lasting impact, harnessing the vigor of youth to drive positive change. Stay tuned as we embark on this promising journey of collaboration and growth!

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  1. Boubou BAGRE says:

    Dear sir/madame,
    How can I register to be able to join the training on GIS.
    It is very important for me because I am currently developing geospatial model to assess and predict energy demand
    Your sincerely

  2. You will see our announcement every courses here in DIGI FACE, we will post here call for application. Next GIS course for Beginners foreseen in April as online format. Details please check DIGI FACE platform.

  3. Emile KABORE says:

    it was a great learning experience. congratulations to all and all the best to Pro-RUWA.

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