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A framework for personal health records in online social networking

Since the early 20th century, the view has developed that high quality health care can be delivered only when all the pertinent data about the health of a patient is available to the clinician. Various types of health records have emerged to serve the needs of healthcare providers and more recently, patients or consumers. These health records include, but are not limited to, Personal Health Records, Electronic Heath Records, Electronic Medical Records and Payer-Based Health Records. Payer-Based Health Records emerged to serve the needs of medical aids or health care plans. Electronic Medical Records and Electronic Health Records were targeted at the healthcare provider market, whereas a gap developed in the patient market.
Personal Health Records were developed to address the patient market, but adoption was slow at first. The success of online social networking reignited the flame that Personal Health Records needed and online consumer-based Personal Health Records were developed. Despite all the various types of health records, there still seems to be a lack of meaningful use of personal health records in modern society.
The purpose of this dissertation is to propose a framework for Personal Health Records in online social networking, to address the issue of a lack of a central, accessible repository for health records. In order for a Personal Health Record to serve this need it has to be of meaningful use. The capability of a PHR to be of meaningful use is core to this research. In order to determine whether a Personal Health Record is of meaningful use, a tool is developed to evaluate Personal Health Records. This evaluation tool takes into account all the attributes that a Personal Health Record which is of meaningful use should comprise of. Suitable ratings are allocated to enable measuring of each attribute. A model is compiled to facilitate the selection of six Personal Health Records to be evaluated. One of these six Personal Health Records acts as a pilot site to test the evaluation tool in order to determine the tool’s utility and effect improvements. The other five Personal Health Records are then evaluated to measure their adherence to the attributes of meaningful use. These findings, together with a literature study on the various types of health records and the evaluation tool, inform the building blocks used to present the framework. It is hoped that the framework for Personal Health Records in online social networking proposed in this research, may be of benefit to provide clear guidance for the achievement of a central or integrated, accessible repository for health records through the meaningful use of Personal Health Records.

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Author: van der Westhuizen, Eldridge | ORCID: 0000-0002-6673-0490
Institution: Nelson Mandela University | Centre: DIGI-FACE
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Subjects: ICT, Health and Pandemic Prevention

Date: January 2012 | Pages: xiii, 123 leaves
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