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Assessment of growth performance of Cobb500 broilers strain at Gic De Sahel Poultry Farm, Yaounde, Centre Region of Cameroon

Growth performance in broiler production is the major cause for concern by the farmer, from the time of receiving the day-old chick. As there is no common test use for the veracity for a better performance of day-old chick, the key is to better manage the various factors affecting broilers growth performance to maximize profit and or prevent lost (in feed, medications, vaccination, manpower, fuel and mortality). This study on the assessment of the growth performance of COBB 500 broiler stain at GIC de Sahel poultry farm Tsinga-Village in Mfoundi division of the center region of Cameroon was carried out from February to July 2023 with the aim of improving the growth performance of COBB 500 broiler by assessing the factors affecting production performance at GIC de Sahel poultry farm. With the survey done by practically involved in it onsite, working with a mean production capacity of 8000birds on two batches, for data collection method, on growth performance it was done randomly selecting the broilers with different sizes and measured their weight per week and the average taken to calculate feed intake, feed conversion ratio(FCR) and body weight gain. The data on management practices and the economics aspects of the farm were collected by a survey observation using questionnaire. The following results were obtained, the average weight of the birds gotten at the end of the production was 2.57kg lower than the standard average weight of 4.0kg for COBB 500 broiler at the ages of 35-45days.100% of the poultry roofing system to aid in temperature and humidity regulation were not taken into account due to 0.0% no zootechnician consultation before the implantation of the poultry house. 100% heating source of day-old chick is with firewood, and 80.7% of stocking density done. Respecting the feed timing, sizes with age of broiler were 84.3% and 96.1% feed form is grinding particles feed. Auto-medication and prescription were done by the farmer during diseases outbreak and 18.9% hygienic, biosecurity measures use with footbath. Disposal of death birds and used saw dust observed at 34.9%. with the increase in the prices of raw material for broiler feed up to 24000frs at SPC and no standard market price for broiler, the farm turned to produced their own feed which the quality of the crude protein, premix (concentrate) and other feed raw material ingredients cannot be tested at the level of the farm for authenticity.
Keywords: Assessment, Growth performance, cobb 500 Broiler strain.

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