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Revised guidelines on the inclusion of learners with disabilities in open and distance learning (ODL)

Approximately 15% of the global population, representing one billion people, live with a disability. Inaccessible learning environments pose a significant barrier to quality education for all, affecting the rights of learners. Approximately 15% of the global population, representing one billion people, live with a disability. Amid this, these Guidelines shed light on inclusive education, delving into technology-based approaches for learners with disabilities.

These revised Guidelines on the Inclusion of Learners with Disabilities in open and distance learning (ODL) navigate the contemporary landscape, drawing lessons from the COVID-19 era. They specifically address open and distance learning (ODL) during crises, recognizing its role in overcoming educational barriers. Highlighting the use of open educational resources (OER), free and open-source software (FOSS), and open access (OA) research, the guidelines envision a comprehensive ODL-facilitated education system.

In the face of financial, age-related, social, and disability barriers, ODL emerges as a crucial avenue, temporarily separating teachers and learners in time and/or place. This publication serves as a compass for governments, institutions, educators, and instructional designers, providing an accessible overview for developing ODL platforms and processes. Stakeholders can strategically address issues in the ODL delivery process, from emergency actions to program implementation.

Governments, institutions, educators and instructional designers, along with quality assurance and recognition bodies are urged to swiftly implement the recommendations outlined in this publication. Together, let’s forge a future where education is inclusive, accessible, and empowers all learners.

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Co-author: Varoglu, Zeynep
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Date: 2023 Revised edition | Pages: 39
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