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    SAGE - a consortium of researchers and experts

    Prof. Dr. Katja Tielbörger

    is the director of the SAGE-Center in Tübingen and the chair holder of the Plant Ecology department. She has successfully coordinated transdisciplinary research projects in the region (e.g. TOP 3 – German sustainability award 2013 for GLOWA Jordan River). She has a proven track record in ecological climate impact research, biodiversity-land use interactions and in ecological modelling (populations to landscapes). She has initiated and led several science-stakeholder processes in the Jordan River region, including the co-creation of the SAGE idea

    Prof. Dr. Anan Jayyousi

    is the director of the SAGE-Centre in Nablus and the holder of the UNESCO Chair of Sustainable Water Resources Management. He is an expert on water and land use issues in the West Bank. He has played a key role in transboundary committees and water negotiations. He has co-coordinated the GLOWA Jordan River project and the initial SAGE-co-design, he co-developed WEAP (Water Evaluation and Planning Tool) for the West Bank.

    Prof. Dr. Emad Karablieh

    is a natural resources economist with expertise in water and drought management, ecosystem-servces and socio-economy. He was former Director of Water and Environmental Research and Study Center (WERSC) and Head of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness. He has a great experience in several science-stakeholder processes in the Jordan River region co-creating research projects between stakeholders and scientist.


    Prof. Dr. Thomas Potthast

    is the Spokeman of the International Center for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities and professor for Ethics, Philosophy and History of Life Sciences. He is a leading expert in the ethics of biodiversity, and ethics in inter-and transdisciplinary sustainability research. He provides expertise in the study of values in different contexts of culture and conflict and the impact of values on ecosysem-services assessments.

    Prof. Dr. Jehad Abbadi

    is a professor of Plant Nutrition. He is a plant scientist with an expertise in nutrient use efficiency of plants, physiology of plant yield and biological methods for enhancement of yield, and agricultural water use efficiency.


    Prof. Dr. Jens Lange

    is a professor at the chair of hydrology. He is an expert in dryland hydrology and has worked in the region for more than 20 years (e.g. in GLOWA JR). Throughout the Middle East, he conducted field research on hydrological processes and applied various hydrological models in different scales. He also worked on urban water management and is experienced in coordinating multi-national research projects.

    Prof. Dr. Amani Al-Assaf

    is an economist working in environmental economics, natural resources economics and rural development. She was involved in different assessment projects related to the water and energy sector, and to rural development. A focus of her work is in the assessment of ecosystem services in natural to agricultural ecosystems.

    Prof. Dr. Harald Grethe

    Dr. Jonas Luckmann

    Dr. Ayman Salah

    Prof. Dr. Frank Wätzold

    Dr. Christiane Fröhlich

    Prof. Dr. Thameen Hijawi

    Prof. Dr. Fares Khoury

    Prof. Dr. Harald Kunstmann

    Prof. Dr. Eckart Woertz

    Dr. Alexandra Dehnhardt