We are happy to announce next month’s generic modules. In April, we will offer another run of two successful modules of the past: Academic Written and Graphic Presentation (AWGP) and Quantitative Research Methodologies I (QRM1).

Both are long courses with a duration of six (AWGP) or eight (QRM1) weeks.

AWGP will help you to set up your academic papers and presentations professionally, by applying proper formatting, following the APA rule system and by layouting your graphic presentations (such as PowerPoint or academic posters) harmonically.

QRM1 on the other hands offers an introduction into quantitative methodology and descriptive statistics. You will find a detailed course outline below in the attached PDF on page 2. No prior knowledge is needed to participate and everybody is welcome. The course might also be valuable as a refresher for anyone planning to write a quantitative research thesis.

Please find more detailed information for both courses below.

Please note that this course does not cover inferential statistics. However, DIGI-FACE will provide a consecutive course to this one in September/October 2022.

As always, both courses are completely free of charge and open to everyone with an affiliation to the Centres of Excellence. You can apply directly on our website here. The application deadline is 31 March.


Your DIGI-FACE team

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  1. Thank you for the notification. I am happy to be part of this platform and the privilege of receiving such valuable information and offers. I am sure my newly found membership will add value to my current level of professional skills as an academic.

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