This month, we are inviting all doctoral students and their supervisors for the module by Michael Samuels, Achieving Research Coherence.

This course helps students identify the expected goals of components of a formal research proposal to demonstrate an intended coherent study towards a critical declaration of their positionality as a researcher.

The course consists of self-directed learning on the Moodle platform and six Zoom sessions (with 5 of them being in one week).

Please find more detailed information for the course below.

As always, this course is completely free of charge and open to everyone with an affiliation to the Centres of Excellence. You can apply by clicking here. The application deadline is Friday 09 September 2022.


Your DIGI-FACE team

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  1. I have attended some of Michael Samuel Samuel’s Presentations/Engagements on Research. I am always refreshed and with new insights to apply in my supervisor journey. This is a must not miss opportunity for the target groups.

  2. This is my first application of this nature hope to learn a lot from this wonderful platform.

  3. Michael Samuel is a seasoned research guru. I have listened to his lecturers thrice on “the research wheel” and to be honest, I am always mesmerized by his wealth of knowledge and ease of communicating that knowledge. I can’t miss every opportunity to listen to him again and again!

  4. Hey, thank you for this opportunity once again. I have engaged with Prof Samuel on research coherence and never regretted my time of engagement. Looking forward to participating.

  5. I am willing and ready to enroll for this course. Thank you for sponsoring it.

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