Dear DIGI-FACE community,

We are proud to present this year’s prospectus to you. Please download it below or have a look at it here.

In total, we will be presenting 16 modules this year, of which five will be offered in French. Two of them are completely new to our portfolio and two others have only recently been translated into French. Thus, there is a lot of new knowledge to share and enjoy! We will also be repeating some of our most popular courses, which have almost become “DIGI-FACE classics” over the past two years. These include Academic Written and Graphic Presentation and Strengthening Post-Graduate Supervision.

As always, anyone affiliated to the DIGI-FACE network is eligible to apply. We will announce each module via this blog, mailing lists and WhatsApp groups, usually two to three weeks before it starts. We would also like to invite you to spread these calls within your own networks so that we can reach as many smart and interested people as possible. We really hope to see many of you in this year’s modules, continuing to grow our global community of learners.

All the best,


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