This August, DIGI-FACE will run another iteration of its successfull generic module “Strengthening Post-Graduate supervision”. It will be facilitated by an experienced team of four scholars who are looking forward to work with you on your supervision skills. The module is taught in a hybrid format which means that it consists both of self-directed learning and eight weekly Zoom sessions. The first Zoom session is run Wednesday, 10 August, 4 pm Central African Time. Afterwards, there is a new Zoom session for eight weeks in total. Please find the exact dates and a more detailed description of the module down below.

As always, the module is free of charge and available to anyone affiliated to the African Centres of Excellence or the newly joined global Centres for Health and Climate. Applicants must hold a PhD degree and have at least three years of supervision to qualify for participation.

The application is open for two weeks and will close 31 July. So make sure to apply in time via our application form (note: you have to be logged in, otherwise the form does not appear). Feel free to circulate the call for application among your colleagues and peers as well. We are looking forward to plenty of applications!

All the best

Your DIGI-FACE team

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