We are happy to announce that the DIGI-FACE Team have introduced a second language on our DIGI-FACE platform. With one simple click you will be able to read all of our DIGI-FACE content in French. Please have a look at the screenshot below to see how to switch languages on the website.

One of the major goals of DIGI-FACE is to connect the different DAAD Centers of Excellence and it`s network to build  a virtual network of science. Therefore, linguistic barriers within the project should also be reduced in order to achieve a better profit for all participants. DIGI-FACE represents a diverse network and now the francophone users are involved on the same level.

The hired company Weglot, as a SaaS tech startup, has made it their mission to make their clients´ websites multilingual. They provide a fast, easy and user-friendly way to translate and display texts without the need to consult developers. It´s an automatic workflow which ensures that any new content that is added is also automatically translated.  Of course, this is only an automated process that is never completely perfect. Our Team will check the translations step by step and adjust them if necessary.

We are very grateful for further feedback on the new tool. Please let us know, if you want manual translation improvements on your pages.

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