Once again the students of the Congolese-German center of Microfinance have well performed in the final, in total 75% was graduated at the 30th of July 2016 and the best moment was when the Rector of University has called the best student Alain Tamela, one of our student from Cameroun, he was the one who received the RAWJI price.

The official graduation ceremony for the academic year 2015/2016 took place on July 30th. We are very proud and would like to congratulate the CCAM graduate Alain Tamela, who obtained the highest grade from the whole university!


Once interviewed by Michael Kongo, the program assistant of the center, Mr Tamela said that coming to the DR Congo to study at the center was one of the best decisions that he has never made in his entire life. The quality and the condition that he had studying allowed him to give the best of him.

Two weeks before the graduation, Professor Bakengela was contacted by Advans Bank wishing to hire students from the Congolese-German of center of Microfinance.  This shows the reputation the educational programme as well as the students of the center has gained in the last years.

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  1. Congratulation to Mr Alain Tamela!

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