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    West African German Centre for Local Governance in Africa (CEGLA)

    Building Bridges for Local Excellence

    French speaking countries in Africa like Mali, Niger and Senegal are regularly confronted with social, economic, environmental and security issues. Situated at the doorway to Europe, both continents, Africa and Europe, are affected by these issues leading to precarious living conditions for the population, mistrust into government structures and massive migratory movements.

    In order to meet these challenges, decentralisation, good governance, democratisation of local governments as well as the promotion of respect for the rule of law and of efficient service delivery for the local population are indispensable elements for successful development strategies in Western African countries. By creating new innovative Master programmes on Local Governance and Local Public Management, the participating universities and research institutions in Mali, Niger, Senegal and Germany contribute to the satisfaction of the increasing demand for knowledge and skills improvement in the field of good governance, sustainable development and public financial management.

    The project focusses on the development of

    • Presence Master courses in Local Governance and Public Management in the partner universities in Mali, Niger and Senegal
    • A joint blended learning master course in Local Governance and Public Management combining the advantages of e-learning and face-to-face learning
    • PhD and research programmes in the field of decentralisation, local governance and sustainable development
    • Further training courses for improving skills of local public employees

    The CEGLA’s work is based on successful development strategies such as decentralisation, constitutional administration and governance, and partnership-based democratic development planning in the municipalities. In this way, CEGLA makes an important contribution to meeting the growing demand for better skilled, responsible personnel at the local level in order to provide the population with urgently needed basic services.

    Programmes and How to Apply

    ***Please note that the CEGLA website is not fully accessible at the moment. It is currently being restructured.***

    • Master’s programmes

    The CEGLA via the University of Legal and Political Sciences of Bamako (USJPB), the Abdou Moumouni University of Niamey (UAM) and the African Centre for Higher Studies in Management (CESAG) offers the Master’s degree in “Decentralisation and Local Governance”. This course aims at strengthening the capacities of future and current civil servants working in local authorities and in deconcentrated administrations, in order for them to become the key stakeholders for a successful decentralisation and local development.

    • PhD programmes

    Although almost non-existent as a focus of research interest, it has recently emerged in sub-Saharan Africa, and particularly in French-speaking West Africa, an intellectual curiosity that makes this sphere an exciting laboratory for scientific research on decentralisation and the reconstruction of local communities. The latter are the foundation of democratic, integrated, secure and prosperous societies. Sharing this analysis, the newly created Centre of Excellence for Local Governance in Africa (CEGLA), in addition to its Master’s programme, has set up its doctoral programme. Main research topics are Finance and financial management of local governments; Local governance and sustainable development; Migration, peace and security; Local government partnership and cooperation; CEGLA and local government baseline studies, monitoring and evaluation. The CEGLA website normally hosts an extensive database of basic documentation, legal texts and articles on local governance in Western Africa and beyond.

    • Scholarships

    The CEGLA in Africa regularly awards DAAD scholarships for particpating in the CEGLA Master and PhD programmes. The calls for applications are published on DIGI-FACE.

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    Appel à candidature pour les bourses doctorales du DAAD – CEGLA 2022 à Bamako et Niamey

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    Appel à candidature pour les bourses doctorales du DAAD – CEGLA 2022 à Dakar

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    Inscription au colloque hybride du CEGLA du 21 au 23 octobre 2021

    Le Centre d’Excellence de Gouvernance Locale en Afrique (CEGLA) vous invite à prendre part en ligne aux activités de la 3ème édition du colloque international…


    Call for proposals / Appel à communication CEGLA Conference in Dakar / Colloque de Dakar – October 2021



    Ouverture des inscriptions – Colloque CEGLA

    Colloque scientifique international en ligne du CEGLA à Bamako – Développement local, paix et sécurité en Afrique de l’Ouest La Coordination Général du Centre d’Excellence…


    CEGLA network in Freiburg in febuary 2023

    How does administration work in Niger? Visit of the community of Simiri in November 2019

    Scientific Conference organised by CEGLA in Niamey in November 2019

    CEGLA Meeting at the CEGLA partner Arnold Bergstraesser Institut in Freiburg

    CEGLA Project Meeting in at the University of Applied Sciences Kehl

    Inauguration of the Centre CEGLA in Dakar with Prof. Bayala, General Director of CESAG, and Stephan Röken, Ambassador of Federal Republic of Germany in Senegal

    Inauguration of the Centre CEGLA in Dakar with Dr. Harouna Diallo, Project Leader CEGLA at USJPB, and Stefan Bienefeld, Head of Division, Development Cooperation and Transregional Programmes, DAAD

    Inauguration of the Centre CEGLA in Dakar with Dr. Mamane Djibo, Project Leader CEGLA at UAMN, and Stefan Bienefeld, Head of Division, Development Cooperation and Transregional Programmes, DAAD

    Prof. Dr. Ewald Eisenberg, Project Leader CEGLA

    Prof. Dr. Ewald Eisenberg, Project Leader CEGLA, Dr. Mamane Djibo Project Leader at UAMN, Prof. Dr. Andreas Pattar, Deputy Project Leader (f.l.t.r.)

    CEGLA as part of the steering committee in the project Digital Initiative for the African Centres of Excellence DIGI-FACE

    CEGLA members at the Kick-Off Meeting of the DIGI-FACE project

    CEGLA members at the Kick-Off Meeting of the DIGI-FACE project

    Members of the CEGLA Alumni network

    CEGLA Master students in Bamako, Mali

    CEGLA Master students in Niamey, Niger


    Our Members and Alumni strive for Excellence

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    Karamoko Kaba Rien à signalé néant
    Enseignant-chercheur Bakaye Guindo Enseignant-Chercheur Faculté de Droit Public de l'Université des Sciences Juridiques et Politiques de Bamako
    Dr Abdoul Fattayi IBRAHIM NIANDOU Enseignant-Chercheur Université Abdou Moumouni
    Dr ADAMOU GUIRMEY Issoufou Enseigant-Chercheur Université Abdou Moumouni
    Saranou Kaba Intern University of Applied Sciences of Kehl and CESAG
    Luca Hanenberg Intern at the CEGLA Network CEGLA
    Demba Doumbia Coordinnateur Gestionnaire Université des sciences juridiques et politiques de bamako
    Emmanuel MONSIA
    Tarno Mamane Enseignant chercheur Professeur Université Abdou Moumouni de Niamey
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