Since the first kick-off date in March 2020, due to the global pandemic, many areas of our global community have been scaled down. However, the DIGI-FACE platform is nearing its launch in May 2021. The basic architecture for the innovative DIGI-FACE platform has been successfully developed. An important pillar for the quality and acceptance of the application developed is an early user-orientation. Therefore, a joint workshop was held to present and further develop the platform on 01 March. 

At the workshop, the project coordinators and leaders of the ten Centres of African Excellence came together online to get an insight into the project and the state of the art of the platform. The platform developers presented their work result of the past months and provided information ( for the next steps, whereby the priority is to complement the platform with their Centres’ input: The participants of the workshop directly contributed to the success of the project and the implementation of a qualitative platform by participating in usability tests and by providing constructive feedback.

With this workshop, the course was set for the implementation of a useful, reliable, powerful and trustful platform based on the needs of its project members. We look forward to your input – let us optimize together the platform! Please contact us here:

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