On the 18th January, the project team from CSDAC visited Karra – DOSSO Region (the project community) to engage with leaders on securing a parcel of land for the 40 selected women farmers.
At the end of the meeting, a three hector (3ha) land was given to the women on the project for a 4 year period. The lease agreement will be written and signed by the chief and women and will be witnessed by an officer at the Local government office.

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  1. Tous pour un futur meilleur

  2. Women require security of tenure of their land because they are the producers of food at household level. If women have access to land food security would be guaranteed at household level. Such projects are very important and congratulations for spearheading such projects. We are having similar interventions in Zambia where women are negotiating for land with traditional leaders becuase state land is unaffordable for them.

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