On December 3,4 and 6, 2021 the South African-German Centre for Development Research hosted a workshop on ‘How to get the feet on the ground as development practitioner’. The workshop was organized by Kene Ikebuaku, one of the Centre’s current PhD scholarshipholders, and Mozisha, supported by the Centre’s DAAD lecturer Ruth Knoblich.

Roughly 50 participants from all three cooperating partner institutes under the roof of the Centre joined the three digital sessions:

The first session focused on pathways and options for accessing and developing within the job market, particularly as development practitioner: Kene Ikebuaku and Ruth Knoblich provided introductory sessions from both of their particular backgrounds, followed by Sola Osinoiki, Vice President of Global People Technology at both Prosus Group and Naspers companies, who took the audience on an outstandingly exciting and inspiring journey. Davison Muchadenyika and Clement Mensah, two of the Centre’s alumni, gave tips for developing a career in international organizations, namely The World Bank Group and the African Development Bank.

The second part of the workshop focused on data analysis. Chinedu Anayokafor, Data Analyst and Business Intelligence Consultant with years of experience leading distributed teams of tech professionals, provided an overview of different types of data as well as of different tools for accessing and analyzing data. The introductory session was followed by a hands-on practice part in which Chinedu exposed participants to some advanced functions in excel and Structured Query Language for data analysis.

Participants provided most positive feedback. They particularly enjoyed the wide range of perspectives and experiences merging with a highly interactive group spirit during the online sessions, as well as the overview and practice element around data analysis in the second part.

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