As announced at the Research Fair, the ministry plans to fund an African-German Network. Therefore a Steering Committee and an Interim Advisory Board have been established. In cooperation with the DAAD, the process of launching this initiative is in progress. Pilot projects are to serve as trailblazers for this project, which are to be tendered in January 2022.

The “African-German Network for Synergies in Science, Innovation and Transfer” (working title) aims to create synergies in research, innovation and transfer by building on existing partnerships between African and German institutions in Higher Education, Research and Training. The focus of this iniative is on the Centres of African Excellence due to their long standing, trusting relationships, their experience in intercontinental education as well as their awareness of gaps and potentials. The Centres of African Excellence are to build Innovation Clusters with at least one other Centre of African Excellence and one other Centre or cluster that does research and transfer activities in complementary areas. Innovation Clusters are to attend to the global challenges of the 21st century in the inter-related fields of education, employability and development, f. ex. in such as Climate Change, Food Security or Sustainable Energy Solutions. The Innovation Clusters of Research and Transfer are to collaborate in a network.

Finally, the network aims to function as an intra-continental and inter-continental knowledge hub for education, research, innovation, and transfer to advise efficiently individuals and institutions in science, politics, and the economy with regards to ideas, activities, and funding.

The pilot projects, which will be tendered in January 2022, aims to provide knowledge/science-based solutions for the design and the structure of the network. Three different funding lines will exist for which applications can be made:

Preparation of Innovation Clusters (workshops, events, networking meetings, …)

Short-term project funding (research stays, internships, …)

Individual funding (scholarships for attending workshops, events, trainings, …)

More information will follow soon.

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