From November 13th to 27th, a cohort of trailblazers from the DIGI-FACE project embarked on a transformative journey via the ‘Generative AI in Higher Education’ course, a ground-breaking initiative by the ‘King’s AI in Education Laboratory’ at King’s College London.

This breath of fresh air in the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) exposed some of the intricacies of generative AI, its potential within higher education and covered topics from the fundamental workings of AI to its impact on employment and curricula. The course delved into critical areas such as AI and generative AI functions, their potential in higher education, and the complex landscape of social and ethical considerations. It also explored the transformative impact of generative AI on employment and curricula, prompting reflection on evolving skills and job roles.

The participants were prepared to navigate generative AI complexities and they actively engaged in meaningful discussions on the challenges and opportunities of generative AI described above via the course forum.

The journey culminated in a closing Zoom session where participants had a unique opportunity to grapple with the practical aspects of generative AI with Dr Martin Compton, the lead educator on the course at King’s College. Thirty-five members received DIGI-FACE certificates signed by Martin and me (as the DIGI-FACE representative).

In a world where technology shapes the future of education, the DIGI-FACE participants were not just learners but African pioneers in the field. Equipped with newfound knowledge and a better understanding of generative AI, they stand ready to navigate the convergence of innovation and education, shaping the future of learning. This journey marks a small step forward in the global dialogue on the transformative potential of AI in education.

One participant commented on our WhatsApp group that ‘this is the best online course I have done!’, a sentiment which probably resonates to some degree with the many positive responses received.

Want to access this course?

You can access the two-week course (opens when you register and closes two weeks later) and register for free at The  free course does not provide a certificate for you from Kings College, but we will consider another DIGI-FACE cohort in the New Year where you can earn a certificate from DIGI-FACE if wanted.

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  1. This course was an eye-opener to the technological advancement within the education sector. I learned that one can use AI for personalized learning, tailoring educational content to individual students’ needs and learning styles, and fostering a more adaptive and effective learning environment. Considering the ethical issues of integrating AI in the higher education context, fairness, transparency, and accountability are necessary. Therefore, appreciating ethics means valuing the principles that prioritize unbiased decision-making, safeguarding students’ privacy, and fostering inclusive access to AI-enhanced educational opportunities. We need to uphold ethical standards to promote a positive and equitable learning environment. Thank you Paul for availing this opportunity to me.

  2. Paul Webb says:

    Thank you for being there Dorothy!

  3. This was a wonderful course. Thank you to Karlien, Prof. Webb and all the other facilitators who helped us work our way around it.

    The course opened a new interest in A.I. in me and how I can adopt A.I. to my daily dealings as an educator who has passion in other areas other than instructing!

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