Pro-RUWA cordially invites you for a workshop on Scientific Working and Publishing beginning of December 2023. The offered workshop should provide you with skills and background information relevant to successfully mediate and move forward in academia. The workshop will start with two preparatory online session on 17 & 24 November, which are followed by the core workshop in Parakou from 03-05 December. Pre- and post-communication phases between the attendees and the lecturer are foreseen to efficiently develop your research ideas and skills (it partly involves writing strategies).

Two working routines/modes are offered:

  • You read and evaluate an original research manuscript and therefore act as a REAL reviewer!


  • You provide your own proposal or draft manuscript and improve that during the time of the workshop

You can choose which approach suits you more.

In both cases you will critically review texts (the submitted journal manuscript or your own) by receiving feedbacks by the lecturer. You will be trained on skills and procedures to evaluate other person’s scientific works. For one or the other, you will need to send your text or will receive a manuscript two weeks before the workshop. Groups (at least tandems) should be built for both types of texts.

For more information, welcome to visit us at

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  1. Bonjour M. Martin, je suis intéressé par le workshop. Comment on fait pour participer ?

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